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Vegetable Biriyani Sawan

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A mouthwatering vegetable biriyani sawan with vegetable cutlets, four accompaniments and dessert.

Accompaniments include malay pickle, cashew curry, brinjal moju and pineapple.

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Chicken and Mutton sawan options available

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Product Variation NameProduct Variation NameServing SizePriceMinOrderQtyMaxOrderQty  PriceValLeadTimeHoursForMinQtyMaxLeadTimeQtyAllowHeader
Vegetable Biriyani Sawan (Large)   Large Serves 6 Rs. 7,800.00 15PHK1030V117800.00125False
Vegetable Biriyani Sawan (Small)   Small Serves 3 Rs. 4,800.00 110PHK1030V124800.001210False