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Ribbon Cake

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The Ribbon Cake is rectangular shaped, with layers of pink and green colored butter cake sandwiched together with butter icing, garnished with butter icing.

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Product Variation NameProduct Variation NameServing SizePriceMinOrderQtyMaxOrderQty  PriceValLeadTimeHoursForMinQtyMaxLeadTimeQtyAllowHeader
Ribbon Cake (1Lb)   1Lb Serves 10 Rs. 1,600.00 110PCA1035V111600.0014True
Ribbon Cake (2Lb)   2Lb Serves 20 Rs. 3,200.00 110PCA1035V123200.0014True
Ribbon Cake (3Lb)   3Lb Serves 30 Rs. 4,800.00 110PCA1035V134800.0025True
Ribbon Cake (4Lb)   4Lb Serves 40 Rs. 6,400.00 110PCA1035V146400.0025True
Ribbon Cake (5Lb)   5Lb Serves 50 Rs. 8,000.00 15PCA1035V168000.0032True
Ribbon Cake (Piece)   Piece Serves 1 Rs. 160.00 1200PCA1035V15160.00120False