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Chocolate Meringue

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The Chocolate Meringue is round in shape. The bottom half of the cake includes a layer of 'sugar syrup soaked' chocolate sponge, which is covered with gateaux cream, and a layer of chocolate meringue which is coated with jam.

The top half of the cake includes a layer of 'syrup soaked' chocolate sponge that is sandwiched between two layers of gateaux cream. The Cake is garnished with ganache, grated chocolate and a border of chocolate gateaux cream.

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Product Variation NameProduct Variation NameServing SizePriceMinOrderQtyMaxOrderQty  PriceValLeadTimeHoursForMinQtyMaxLeadTimeQtyAllowHeader
Chocolate Meringue (Large)   Large Serves 16 Rs. 3,800.00 112PCA1009V113800.0058True
Chocolate Meringue (Small)   Small Serves 8 Rs. 1,400.00 112PCA1009V121400.0054True